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Simple Mandana designs

Athapoo designs and Onam pookalam designs



Tipkyanchi Rangoli


Sanskar bharti rangoli for Diwali

 In India many rituals and traditions are being followed till today, From lighting a lamp during Diwali to putting a tulsi plant in front of the house and one such tradition is Rangoli. Rangoli is a tradition art that is being practiced from our ancestors and passed on to the generations. The main idea behind it is welcoming the Hindu deities and guess on the festivals and occasions like Marriage,Diwali,Pongal or any pooja etc. During the festival of Diwali many women in the Hindu household decorate their homes using different designs of Sanskar bharti Rangoli. Some designs also consists of diyas to make the design look beautiful and attractive. It is also believed that decorating the house with Sanskar bharti Rangoli will please Goddess Lakshmi and bless the family with health and wealth. As the festival of Diwali comes on amavasya(no moon in the sky) women in the house draw these beautiful sanskar bharti rangoli and place diyas in the design to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.

Sanskar Bharati Rangoli designs

 Sanskar Bharati Rangoli designs are famous rangoli technique used in the state of Maharashtra in the Hindu community. People draw these beautiful patterns at the entrance of their homes as welcoming designs. Where women use a technique to draw these beautiful Rangoli designs. Sanskar Bharti rangoli are quite popular during the Diwali festival, where the border of the patterns include a lot of Diya’s. For drawing Sanskar bharti Rangoli designs different colours of sand are scattered in steady Circles and the patterns are drawn with white coloured sand. Most of the Sanskar Bharathi rangoli designs are usually drawn in circles, the patterns of the circle are drawn by a free hand or even filled with flower petals. Here are some of The beautiful Sanskar Bharti Rangoli designs for beginners to try.

Door Alpana designs

 Festivals in Bengal are celebrated very grandly. People in Bengal draw beautiful floral designs like Rangoli, Kolam and pool slams known as Alpana designs. During the festival of Dussehra people draw a beautiful Alpana designs at the front of the doors to beautify their homes. Women make beautiful Alpana in front of Goddess Durga idol. Many things are involved in the decoration of goddess Durga decoration sets. Floral designs with beautiful flowers are drawn on the floor. Alpana designs are one of the oldest traditions forms of art that are passed on from One generation to another. The patterns involved in Alpana designs are flower, leaves and also Kolka. Some of the important patterns include sun, fish ,owl ,lotus etc

Simple Alpona design

 Simple Alpona design with Flowers and Rice flour Paste for Diwali festival. How to draw album design Alpona designs are drawn using liquid rice flour paste. To draw the design a small piece of cloth is dipped in the rice flour paste and gently squeeze the wet clothe with rice flour paste as we draw the design. when the water in the rice Flour paste dries a beautiful design with white colour stands bright and clear. Here are some of the beautiful Alpona designs that were by me. During the festival of Diwali it is a ritual in every Hindu household to light lamps around and in their houses. In addition people draw Alpona designs and place lamps around the designs to give a beautiful attraction. Alpona designs are beautifully drawn by Bengali man on the floor and flat surfaces. Another form of art uses sand mixed with colour powder to draw the designs.

Easy and new Alpona designs

 Alpona also known as Alpana designs or Rangoli designs which are famous for decoration on the floors during Hindu festivals and important ceremonies. These designs are drawn by women of the household on the floor to beautify the floor of the house. These Alpona designs are drawn at the entrance of the doors and center of the house or any attraction places to mesmerize the people who see these designs. Some of the easy Alpona designs are here