Simple Alpona design

 Simple Alpona design with Flowers and Rice flour Paste for Diwali festival.

  • How to draw album design Alpona designs are drawn using liquid rice flour paste. To draw the design a small piece of cloth is dipped in the rice flour paste and gently squeeze the wet clothe with rice flour paste as we draw the design. when the water in the rice Flour paste dries a beautiful design with white colour stands bright and clear.

Here are some of the beautiful Alpona designs that were by me.

During the festival of Diwali it is a ritual in every Hindu household to light lamps around and in their houses. In addition people draw Alpona designs and place lamps around the designs to give a beautiful attraction. Alpona designs are beautifully drawn by Bengali man on the floor and flat surfaces. Another form of art uses sand mixed with colour powder to draw the designs.