Sanskar bharti rangoli for Diwali

 In India many rituals and traditions are being followed till today, From lighting a lamp during Diwali to putting a tulsi plant in front of the house and one such tradition is Rangoli. Rangoli is a tradition art that is being practiced from our ancestors and passed on to the generations. The main idea behind it is welcoming the Hindu deities and guess on the festivals and occasions like Marriage,Diwali,Pongal or any pooja etc. During the festival of Diwali many women in the Hindu household decorate their homes using different designs of Sanskar bharti Rangoli. Some designs also consists of diyas to make the design look beautiful and attractive. It is also believed that decorating the house with Sanskar bharti Rangoli will please Goddess Lakshmi and bless the family with health and wealth. As the festival of Diwali comes on amavasya(no moon in the sky) women in the house draw these beautiful sanskar bharti rangoli and place diyas in the design to welcome Goddess Lakshmi to their homes.