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Easy alpana designs

The word alpana is a form of rangoli which is practiced in the state of Bengal. It is usually practiced by women with their talent in art of dots, With which is being joined together to make a beautiful alpana designs. This art is practiced from the past of their ansistors and is being transferred through coming generations. In each season different kinds of alpana designs are drawn. The art of alpana is being practiced since ages for Hindu religious and ceremonial purposes which is usually drawn on the floor. Alpana designs are usually patterns of sacred rituals and are made during Hindu traditional ceremonies and vratas particularly during the festivals of pongal. The whole house on the floor will be decorated with beautiful alpana designs with colour filled in them. Alpana designs are said to be passed on from ansistors to the future generations. How to make Alpana designs Natural materials like rice powder or even diluted rice paste,dry leaves powder,filter mud,burnt earth mud,char

Lokkhi puja Alpona

Lokkhi Puja which is also called as Kojagiri Lakshmi Pooja is popularly celebrated by the Hindu community in the state of Bengal. During this celebration Rangoli designs which is also called Alpana or Alpona are drawn on the floor by women of the household.These designs are usually drawn at the door front and also in Puja Rooms to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. The material is used to make these designs are rice powder to which water is added to make a rice paste.